For Immediate Release

London January 27th 2013

Antevorta Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Angel Capital International Ltd. Has been admitted to list and trade on the GXG Markets , a  British Virgin Islands company with the trading symbol GXG : ANGL.

The company has been listed as a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) for the sole purpose of acquiring a company wishing to go public quickly.

The company is actively looking at all opportunities in any viable sector . Companies looking to be listed and trading in order to raise capital for their project should contact the company’s Corporate Advisors, Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. and  Mr. Julius Csurgo at  .

About GXG  Markets

GXG Markets, is a dedicated euro market operation offering the full range of its market and trading solutions to SMEs within the European market. GXG Markets operates a Regulated Market and OTC segment that delivers an efficient and transparent trading platform specifically designed to meet the needs of small- and micro-cap companies offering “new ways“ in IPO’s and Capital Markets.

ANTEVORTA CAPITAL offers one-stop financial service solutions. We have experienced professionals with the necessary skills, market exposure and know how about overseas exchange venues to assist potential clients in every aspect of the IPO process, at home and abroad.


Shells available for immediate listing on Recognised Euro Stock Market.

We have viable alternatives to US market listings for your company to consider.

Please contact full details today.