Antevorta Capital Partners Ltd. are pleased to announce the launch of its North American Listing SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) program for International Small to Medium size enterprises to list on the GXG Markets in Europe.

Connecting North American Issuers to Europe’s Largest Equity Market…

GXG Markets offers SME companies the opportunity to raise capital through and list their securities on a new market. GXG unites the strength and visibility of London and Europe, as one of the world’s leading financial centres. This powerful combination provides a unique market attractive to international issuers, financial intermediaries and investors.

Why a SPAC? International companies can become public and access capital quicker using one of our fully qualified listed SPAC’s for speed and cost. Using a SPAC as a holding company structure creates many options for companies that want to be public and be raising capital immediately. We have many tax efficient structures ready to be structured for your listing.

GXG Markets offers foreign issuers:

  • Access to the largest capital markets in the UK and Europe .
  • Access to a broad investor base comprising UK, Euro-zone, US and international investors.
  • Trading of shares and depositary interests in major international currencies including the $, € and £.
  • A robust fully electronic clearing and settlement market infrastructure for all securities.

With this program, companies wishing to list on an International exchange like the GXG markets now have cost effective options to have their company quoted in Europe and raise capital. Whether your company is private or listed already on an OTC exchange, like the OTC Markets in the US , we can list your company and provide an opportunity for you to access International capital markets .

Antevorta Capital Partners is a recognized and designated Corporate Advisor to companies listed on the GXG Markets UK, is an International Capital  Advisory firm located in London , the firm has listed over 100 companies in Europe over the last 3 years alone. We bring solid expertise so our group can guide your company listing and help bring capital to your venture.

GXG Markets ,  is a dedicated EU market operation offering the full range of its market and trading solutions to SMEs within Europe.GXG Markets operates a Regulated Market and OTC segments that delivers an efficient and transparent trading platform specifically designed to meet the needs of small- and micro-cap companies offering “new ways” in IPO’s and Capital Markets.

To explore the opportunity for a listing on the GXG Markets now please email