London UK November 17th 2012

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GXG caters to the needs of a market platform dedicated to the SME’s. It offers a facility to trade in shares of SMEs directly at matched bargains, in real time, without any requirement for prices to be set by the market makers.

The GXG Markets is a Danish legal entity duly authorized by Finanstilsynet (FSA), the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. GXG Markets has been specifically designed to provide SMEs with a more competitive market environment, utilizing proven and robust trading systems. It has been operational for more than a decade and successfully serving companies across different industries and locations.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for small and medium sized enterprises to obtain expansion capital from traditional financing routes. Hence, the need for a market platform dedicated to the needs of the global SMEs has become even more relevant. GXG firmly believes in the potential of smaller companies and is keen to help them grow. It intends to even go so far as to claim that smaller companies are the future – the way out of poverty and the road to prosperity.

GXG wants to help in making the journey fair and safe by providing an honest, financial arena for growing companies where they also can choose between different levels of regulations and price. This provides the market with greater transparency, faster transaction reporting and also eliminates the wider gap between the buying and selling price.

Antevorta Capital Partners helps the companies to get listed without being subjected to red tape and high legal costs.

GXG provides three‐tier solutions for companies who are willing to access financial markets:

  1. The GXG OTC: It is designed for smaller companies who wish to access capital markets without changing their existing corporate structure. It is even possible for companies to gain access to the GXG OTC share trading facility while retaining their private limited company status. Information about companies on OTC platform is restricted to professional investors and existing shareholders and hence, companies can further raise funds privately without making any public disclosures.
  2. The GXG MTF: It is a multilateral trading facility and companies are required to comply with UK GAAP. However, they need not submit a prospectus with FSA and hence, cost of listing is substantially reduced. Companies need to be operating as a PLC at the time of listing and must have a market capitalization of £ 1 Mn. Due to better access and higher visibility, companies listed on GXG MTF can attract investment from wider pool of investors.
  3. The GXG Regulated Market: It is an EU regulated market which is considered ‘full market’ and therefore, has highest level of regulations and companies have to submit prospectus to FSA for review at least 30 days prior to listing. They have to comply with IFRS reporting standards and also have to make timely disclosures to public. Companies need to be operating as a PLC at the time of listing and must have a market capitalization of £ 5 Mill.

All 3 platforms are subject to matched bargain trading facility as well as real‐time live trading.

Following is the comparative analysis among all 3 types of markets:

Requirement of GXG OTC GXG MTF GXG Regulated 
PLC Status Not Required Yes Yes
Filing of Prospectus  Not Required Not Required Yes
Eligibility for Electronic Settlement Recommended Yes Yes
Market Capitalisation Not Required £1 Mn £5 Mn
Minimum Time for Listing  2 Weeks 1 Months 3 Months

About Antevorta Capital Partners is a Designated Corporate Advisor to the GXG Markets.

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